ON-CALL MANAGER 2.O completely automates the On-Call process. This product can be fully configured to your local school and Board agreements. The morning On-Call run normally takes less than 10 minutes including printing of the On-Call sheets. All historical files are maintained automatically.

Current Users
  • Toronto DSB, Peel DSB, Halton CDSB, Halton DSB, Dufferin-Peel DSB and Huron-Superior DSB

    On-Call Features
    1. Teacher Time Tables may be sourced from your Board Files
    2. Each teacher may be assigned one or more On-Call periods in their Time Table. On-Call periods may be entered in your Board Time Table or may be entered on site in ON-CALL MANAGER 2.0
    3. On-Call coverage may be for:
       FULL periods
       SPLIT periods
       VARIABLE periods i.e. 1, 2 or 3 teachers according to period length
    4. Teachers may be given individual maximum assignments for the year
    5. Lunch time rules may be set on site (lunch period and lunch time)
    6. Handles multiple Cycle Days i.e. Day 1 (1,2,3,4,5), Day 2 (1,5,3,4,2) etc.
    7. Handles multiple Day Types i.e. Regular Day, Assembly Day, TAP day etc.
    8. Assigns coverage to the lowest grades first so that uncovered periods will be senior grades if on-call resources are insufficient
    9. Supply Teachers are automatically extended past their immediate coverage to cover other periods where possible to a predetermined maximum (normally 300 minutes, figure is set on site)
    10. Teachers can be excluded from On-Call Duty for a selected day
    11. Handles teachers requiring Partial Coverage (Manual Mode)
    12. Handles teachers requiring Specific Teacher Coverage (Manual Mode)
    13. Handles last minute On-Call requirements after the first set of sheets have gone to the mail slots. (Retained Run or Add Duty)
    14. Results of the automatic run can be changed (Select Other, No Teacher, Manual Selection)
    15. When On-Call Run is complete, the individual request sheets and summary sheets may be printed automatically
    16. The Load History File is maintained automatically
    17. If required, the History File may be changed (alternate Teacher handled the On-Call, Special Credits etc.)

    Supervision Duty Features
    Provides automatic development of an equitable Supervision Duty Schedule for an entire Semester with features for:
    1. Enter your customized list of duties and duty times
    2. Enter your Holidays and Cycle Days into the Calendar
    3. Duty Periods are identified (SUPV) for each teacher
    4. Teachers may be assigned % Supv Duty Load Factors
    5. Handles Day Cycle Flips (Hall Duty in Period 2 will be handled by the teacher who is available for Period 2 that cycle day)
    6. Specialized Duties (e.g. Library) may be assigned to selected Teachers
    7. Will avoid making a Teacher work more than 3 periods in a row when assigning supervisions
    8. You may then review a Summary of Supv Load By Teacher for the Semester and make changes and rerun if required.

    On-Call / Supervision Integration
    1. Teachers with Supervision Duty on the run day are protected from On-Call Duty if possible
    2. If there are insufficient teachers with no Supervision Duty, then a Teacher with Supervision is given an On-Call and a Displacement List is printed showing uncovered Supervision Duties.
    3. Teachers who are absent on their Supervision day will have their Supervision Duties shown on the Displacement List
    4. Displacements may be filled manually if necessary (Select Other, Manual)
    5. The On-Call Assignments and Supervision Duty Assignments completed are automatically maintained in the History File.
    6. The morning On-Call run takes into account the current history of On-Call and Supervision credits always assigning the Teacher with the lowest cumulative history credit first.
    7. The morning On-Call run usually takes less than 10 minutes including printout of the On-Call sheets for the Teachers and the Summary Sheets for the Vice Principal.

    Absence Tracking
    If you turn this feature on, you may also track details on teacher absence for:
        - Amount of time taken (1 period, ½ day, full day),
        - Reason (SA - school activity, PI - personal illness etc. - codes are set on site)
        - Remarks (took daughter to hospital)

    1. Regular Teacher History Reports
    2. A wide variety of history reports on On-Calls, Supervisions in detail and summary format.
        - Reports may be filtered by Date Range and/or by Teacher
        - Reports may be expressed in units of Minutes, Assignments (½ periods) or Periods
        - Teacher Time Table
    3. On-Call Availability Report
    4. Supervision Schedules (Matrix, By Day, By Teacher, Summary)
    5. Supply Teacher History
    6. Teacher Absence History

    1. Automatic backup to local directory or network server
    2. Files may be transferred from one computer to another via the Network as On-Call responsibilities change
    3. All Screens are supported with context sensitive Help

    - Pentium PC with 40 MB of free hard drive space
    - Windows 95/98/XP/NT

    Contact US
    If you have questions or would like a copy of our feature sheets, please contact Michael Smith at doncaster@cogeco.ca or 905-842-9616.